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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Storm on track-- Cold more cool, not bitter. **Edit to add photo**

I must say that I just hate this storm coming our way-- so many good things about it that simply can't deliver for many reasons.

A strong southern short wave spins a storm up in Texas and it heads east, However, the block causes this energy to dampen out and the storm loses its punch at our doorstep. A second piece of energy swoopes down from the Pacific Northwest and regenerates the storm-- but its just a little too late for our region.

As of now, I'd predict 1-3 inches from late Monday into early Tuesday.

We are very cold for a couple days after that, and then get a brief warm up before another arctic surge.

Map from the HPC--- precipitation outlook. Note the minimum over most of our region. The Southern low dies our, it meanders off shore, to be energized JUST to our north. The ridge out west isn't large enough to cause any digging of the second piece of energy to drive it more south. Looks like a DECENT event in Philly and a LARGE event for NYC to Boston.

Next update Sunday afternoon.


  1. And note-- there is a little give in this storm to massage totals up to maybe 2-4, but as of now, 1-3 is the safest bet.

  2. Thanks for blogging this. Although I wish we would get totally clobbered by snow if it's going to bother snowing at all : )
    Mollie (from Sean Sublette's FB post)

  3. Mollie, I'm sorry I missed your comments. Thanks for reading.