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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home from Hampton

I drove up to Hampton Roads region to "enjoy" the storm. A good friend from college lives up there with his wife and daughter and they "sponsored" me by letting me sleep at their home. The storm was rather large with the impact felt far from the center-- our worst conditions were actually late AM Saturday vs late evening with the EYE was only 50 miles or so to our east.

Wide reach-- wide damage. I've never heard a good reason why they keep it as a hurricane as long as they do when NO surface obs show hurricane strength winds. (I'm sure there were some over SE VA, but that's about all) Not to downplay this storm, it dealt a huge blow to many, but not many observations outside show hurricane winds.

Here are a couple videos-- They are set to public, but I can embed them for some reason.

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  1. Did see some 74+ gusts from the mesonet sites... but none sustained at that level. I ended up about 20 miles too far east with the forecast rain shield from Friday (grrr)... so Halifax, Charlotte, and Appomattox Counties all got more rain than I thought. Glad to have you back!