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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little snow this AM, a little ice later on today--

Very rare snow this AM-- easterly fetch from from the Atlantic made a little low level snow to fall. I had no idea we could get something like this this far west, but that's exactly what it was. Since it came from lower tops, wasn't showing up on radar to well either. I have a friend up in Charlottesville who reported a half inch or so.

We've got a freezing rain advisory for everyone in our CWA except the counties along the NC border east of the Blue Ridge-- This won't be a huge event as a far as rain totals, but we've been colder the last 2-3 days and any thing that falls COULD cause a small mess. Temps are in the lower to mid 30's with the dewpoints around 30. If we get a steady rain, temps could fall as low as 30 with the dryer air a little higher up. A few pings of sleet are also possible, especially early. This rolls in after midnight as the winds shift to the south with a stronger storm to our west and low level cold air in place.

I'm glad the NWS put up the advisory-- my fear in events like this is one lives in a warm spot, sees no ice on their car and drives off to hit an ice patch. I've mentioned before in my blog, but there was a rough event like that back in December 07. Only .02 liquid fell, but the roads were horrible between the start and 11 am or so with some horrific wrecks near my home in Forest.

As always, I'll update as needed- via facebook at Keith D. Huffman, add me if you like the data or twitter Lynchburgwx

Long rang still looks uncertain. Reading some conversation between guys with a better skill level than I, wild guess is February comes in close to normal-- maybe 1 degree above normal. Better shot of some ice/snow compared to Dec and Jan, but nothing major. We are still lacking high latitude blocking.


  1. Thanks Keith. I'm here in Charlottesville; I was wondering where this snow came from- low level moisture...for some reason I had a "feeling" it would snow....probably because I've lived long enough to experience all kinds of different scenarios.

    While have not had any large events- we have had about 4 frozen ones so far this year....trying to be positive here- there is cold air around and it is "winter".

    Keep up the blog I plan to keep reading !


  2. Thanks, Vicent--

    NWS from DC made a little facebook post about it as well.